HY Virtual Coaching Club delivers innovative inspiration,
and instruction, giving you unlimited access to the
horsewoman and the Technique used at HY Virtual. Get
specialized training delivered right to your computer 24/7.

Get connected to horsemen around the globe who, just like
you, look to Heather and the Technique to stay inspired,
and build a better partnership with their horses. Members
receive access to Heather's "Show Strategy" video library
incredible discounts on products, events, and exclusive
Personal Virtual Lessons and a quarterly newsletter
packed with how-to information and creativity. But, best of
all, membership comes with lifelong friendships,
horsemanship, partnership and ready-and-waiting support
group as you journey through the Technique to become a
better horseman and showman
Each time you submit something it's just like having a mini private lesson! You will also have access to a
forum where you can learn from other members' questions and answers. In fact, you will be amazed at how
many others' problems are similar to your own, and how much you will learn by just reading the answers to
their problems and the ensuing discussions. You may use your name for submissions, or be totally
anonymous - it's up to you; you may also request a consultation by phone if you would rather talk in person!
Once your question has been answered, or photo critiqued, you may ask for more clarification, or discuss
further until you are totally satisfied with your answers. Then come back later with an update, after giving it
a try with your horse, and have more helpful discussion on the subject! You will have access to "Heather's
Corner" is a quarterly newsletter of articles and discussions on various topics. Once again, this is a
uniquely personalized feature. As you may request topics, ask for clarification about any part of an article,
or ask how to apply it to your own riding. Where else can you read a book or an article and ask the author to
help with your specific issues on the topic? We will also, from time to time, be posting interesting photos
and videos for discussion amongst members, which is a great way to educate and develop your eye and
your understanding of techniques. The learning possibilities are endless!
HY Virtual Coaching
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Virtual Lesson includes virtual
interaction through Youtube
and Facebook this will allow
you to record and send a
video to me thus allowing me
to coach and interact and
show you what you need to
change or do. Just like a
private lesson $
Yearly subscription includes
all monthly benefits and up to
4  virtual lessons a month and
an additional month free.
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